Prospects To Watch (4/13/11)

Every so often I will make a updated list of the current prospects that “favor” Michigan. This isn’t saying there going to commit but just a guess on who might end up in this years recruiting class.

    • Kaleb Ringer* (LB) (Already kind of committed, hasn’t officially yet he plans to Friday).
    • Ron Thompson* (TE) Currently favoring Michigan very much but just moved to another high school and will wait a little longer then expected.
    • Jordan Diamond* (OT) and Chris Wormley* (DE) both grew up Michigan fans and have shown quite a bit of interest in big blue.
    • Joe Bolden* (LB) is one of the top LB’s in Ohio. He visited last weekend and plans to visit for a game this season, he has definitely shown some interest.
    • LB Royce Jenkins-Stone
    • LB James Ross
    • Many have asked me if Michigan will take 4 LB’s in this years class….the answer is yes. This just means Michigan focuses on other areas next year. There are 4 TOP linebacker prospects very interested in Michigan so I see no reason why they would pass up on highly-skilled players**

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