Zeke Pike

Earlier this week Zeke Pike was involved in an incident with a referee at a 7 on 7 camp in which he got ejected.  Long story short, Pike tossed the ball at a referee after a play and the referee thought he did it intentionally.  In the past few days plenty of people have been questioning Pikes sportsmanship, character and temperament.  He has since then apologized and expressed how things were handled.  He also informed reporters that the referee after the game apologized for ejecting him and said that he shouldn’t have been.  It’s totally understandable why people were upset at him but the truth is it got blown way out of proportion.  Michigan is still hot after this kid and Pike has Michigan in his top 5, but will that be enough?  He plans to shorten the list before his season starts so we will find out soon enough.


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