Position Recruiting – QB

It is now evident that Michigan most likely will not get a commitment from the top three quarterbacks I talked about before (Gunner Kiel, Zeke Pike or Maty Mauk).  With Gunner Kiel he is more interested in schools down south, more specifically the Big 12 Conference.  Zeke Pike as you may know has already committed to Auburn, and Maty Mauk seems like a Notre Dame lock.  Now Michigan fans shouldn’t freak out because there are plenty of other options and a GREAT 2013 prospect that is very interested in Michigan (Story on that later).  Now, for 2012 Michigan has offered these following QB recruits: Bennie Coney (6-3/210), Austin Appleby (6-5/230), Tyler O’Connor (6-3/208) and Brian Blackburn (6-6/220).  Even though Michigan has offered these guys the interest level for each player may vary and some players might not have any interest.  Blackburn is an interesting prospect and has shown interest in Michigan (I’ll re-post my post about him) but he is more of a project I believe then a player that would come in and start.  I’m not saying there is anything wrong with Blackburn he is a great athlete and since Michigan has Devin Gardner once Denard leaves Michigan has the ability to work with Blackburn and help him develop into a great quarterback.


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