Thanks Everyone!

I’d like to take the time out to thank everyone for purchasing my app and supporting a fellow Michigan fan!  It’s very difficult staying on top of recruiting while being a student full-time but I really appreciate all the positive comments I get.  I just want everyone to know I’m trying my hardest to keep the news up to date but it is hard with just me writing.  That being said, if you think I could change something email me at If you like the app then give me a good rating and comment on the Android Market so all the other Michigan fans know it’s a good app.  I truly appreciate it when someone gives me a good rating on the market because it let’s me know I’m doing a good job and looks attractive to other users interested in purchasing it. Thanks for your support!   – Tyler  (Also, if you have a photo of something related to Michigan and want me to showcase it on the main screen where the current one is now I’d love to use a new photo)


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